Selling My Company

Building your business perhaps took a lifetime but selling it happens in a short time. While you know how to build a business, most business owners have never sold a business.   Most buyers, on the other hand, have bought many businesses and probably do just that for a living - putting you at a huge disadvantage. 


Very often, the business valuation of sellers is much higher than that of buyers resulting in a VALUE GAP.  Experts project that about a 1/3rd  of all businesses will not be sold because of the VALUE GAP between the seller's expectation and the buyer's offer.  We can help you bridge the 'value gap'.


We can introduce you to vetted consultants, investment bankers, valuation consultants, M&A advisors, accountants or lawyers who can help you bridge the 'value gap' and help you prepare to sell your company. 


Whether you intend to sell the business soon or not, you need to have understand the process and develop a plan. You want to understand the exit considerations, the different ways you can exit the business, getting the right kind of help, finding the right potential buyers might be and preparing for the sale.




  • We want to decide whether to sell our business.
  • We want to develop and implement a clear plan to sell, close, or walk away from the business.
  • I've built a great business but my children are not ready/interested in it.
  • My father built a great business, but I am not a good fit to take it to the next level.

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