Sales Team Assessment

Do you have the Right People Selling to the Midmarket?


Right Person in the Right Role: You have a sales team that sells into the middle market.  Is the team achieving the results you were expecting?  Do you have any ‘sales duds’ on your team?  Is every team member in the right role or could ’informed reassignment’ improve sales? 

Obviously, every individual has a unique behavioral profile.  Not everybody has the mentality to be in sales or in a specific role within sales.  Big credentials and past successes do not guarantee sales. Can you afford to carry the wrong people on your team, or would you rather assess and assign them to the right role – even within the sales team – to increase overall sales?  What is in your best interests?  What will help you beat your numbers this quarter and next?


The Behavior Profiles of the ‘Many Midmarkets’: There are ‘many midmarkets’ and each ‘midmarket’ has its own behavioral profile.  For example, manufacturing companies buy differently than hightech companies and services companies;and,  family-owned companies buy differently than private-equity owned companies.  Similarly, different executives behave differently, based on their role within the business - the CEO, CIO, CMO and CTO each have different behaviors.  Obviously, you should be selling differently to each of them as their psychological profiles are different.  Do you have the sales people with the right behavioral profile selling into a particular ‘midmarket’ segment and the right executive role?  After all, selling is a person-to-person activity.


The Right Person for the Right Role for the Right Midmarket:  We can administer an assessment to each person on your sales team and have experts provide you insights into their psychological profile – specifically, their suitability for the sales role within the sales team, the midmarket segment the indivdiual sells into, and the executive the individual deals with.  These are done through assessments and telephone interviews of the individuals on your team combined with behavior profiles of midmarket segments and executives from our experience.  

Sales Team Assessment 

  • ​​Individual assessment & assignment to right role on the team
  • Composite assessment of sales team (requires everybody to be individually assessed)
  • Matching individuals to the best midmarket segment and/or best executive prospect

Would you rather hope for a better quarter or make smart moves that can improve your sales performance this quarter?  If you want to assess the individuals and your team, and assign them to the right midmarket segment and executive, send us an email or call (609)275-6300.