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Manufacturing is the second largest segment within the midmarket in the United States.  It is generally the lifeblood of many economies.  Manufacturing has been in decline in much of the western world.  With manufacturing plants increasingly moving to China and other low cost countries, the challenges for manufacturing companies mount and many challenges stem from competing with low cost competitors with global supply chains.  And countries with innovation centers are trying to figure out the kinds of manufacturing they need to retain to fast-track new sectors. 

We have identified the most important, common and recurring challenges of manufacturing companies. And, we have organized all the sections of the websites around those challenges so that you can find help for your issues.


We encourage you to read our paper: 7 Steps to American Manufacturing Success" on how American manufacturers can become more competitive.



  • We are unable to find engineering talent in our region.
  • We deal with customer demands to increase quality and reduce costs without financial incentives.
  • We find it particularly hard to find mid-level supervisory talent.
  • Our workforce has to be retrained for specific skill needs.
  • We have to compete better against low cost competitors even with our higher labor costs.

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