A better survey of the midmarket - HEALTH OF THE MIDMARKET SURVEY


In early July, we are launching a new survey of the midmarket - HEALTH OF THE MIDMARKET SURVEY - to profile various midsize companies, the actions they take and the outcomes they achieve.  This will enable the comparison of various types of middle market companies and inform them of the actions that will achieve certain desired outcomes. The survey is designed to be useful to a current CEO of a midsize company and to the many advisors and parties interested in the success of midsize companies.

This survey will be more useful than most current surveys. Firstly, most surveys focus on trends.  While surveys of CEO sentiment about the economy and such broad issues are interesting, the CEO or business owner cannot use them to identify actions that have will lead to positive business outcomes.   

Secondly, most surveys of midsize companies view the midmarket as a monolithic group which prevents meaningful comparisons of like companies and survey results that can be useful.   There are actually many types of midmarket companies, based on ownership (family owned, private equity owned, publicly owned, etc.), their customers (b2b vs. b2c), revenues, and many such factors.    They do have some challenges in common but many specific to their type of company.  The issues of a $10 million company are very different from that of a $50 million or a $200 million company.  Similarly, family owned companies have a different outlook on the future of the business as compared to a business owned by private equity or a single owner.  And, a company that is in a traditional sector like manufacturing is very different from one in high tech.  High tech companies tend to be run by young CEOs who are tech savvy while companies in traditional sectors are run by baby boomers – and they have different outlooks.  Our study is designed to identify the actions and resulting outcomes for these different segments (sample sizes permitting).

If you are an advisor – consultant, accountant or lawyer - to a middle market company, the results of this survey will enable you to provide advice to your client based on a broad data set on actions and outcomes for different types of midsize companies.  Similarly, executive coaches can glean insights on behaviors that can achieve positive outcomes.  If you are running a CEO group, chamber of commerce or association with midsize companies in your membership, it will help you to structure programs based on the composition of your group. 

If this resonates with you and you are a CEO/business owner of a midsize company with annual revenues greater than $5 million, and want to take the survey, please send us an email at [email protected].