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We interview midmarket CEOs, executives, experts, thought leaders, vendors and capital providers to benefit the middle market.   Please scroll down to see the list of recent guest and listen to the podcasts.


We seek CEOs of midsize companies (annual revenues of $10M-$1B) as guests (from the comfort of your office) on our weekly radio show and podcast who are willing to discuss the needs, opportunities or challenges of midsize companies.  We also - selectively - welcome thought leaders from the vendor, capital and influencer communities who have a particular point of view that will be insightful and useful to midsize companies.  If you recommend a guest, please email the person's name, contact and topic to info (at) midmarket.org.  You can find a list of upcoming topics on MIDMARKET RADIO CEOs by clicking here. You can download the media kit on MIDMARKET RADIO at www.midmarket.org/midmarketradio/mediakit. If you would like to sponsor the Midmarket Radio CEO Series, please visit www.midmarket.org/midmarketradio/sponsorship and download the sponsorship package.

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Rob Slee

CEO, Robertson & Foley

Thursday, Apr 21


Midmarket Radio

CEO.1 - The Mind of the Midmarket Business Owner

Interview with Rob Slee, Midmarket Expert

Most midsize companies are privately owned.  What is the kind of person that owns a midsize company?  What drives him/her  to build a company, often, over decades?  

Rob Slee is one of the foremost experts on the middle market.  He has bought and sold...

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Scott Shaw & Neil McGill

CEO, Lincoln Educational Services & Dir of Ops, Allendale Machinery


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CEO.15 - Developing a Pool of Vocationally Skilled Talent

Interview with Scott Shaw, CEOLincoln Tech & Neil McGill, Dir of Ops, Allendale Machinery

There is a serious vocational skill shortage in midmarket companies.  Whether you are a manufacturing company or a services company with vocational technicians, there’s a shortage.  The shortage is a making of our society and the lack of attention from bureaucrats and politicians.  Companies with jobs requiring vocational skills have more jobs openings than qualified candidates to fill them.  If your company is seeking employees with vocational skills, learn about different ways you might attract employees.  The new face of manufacturing and vocational...

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Aaron Houghton

Founder, iContact


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CEO.14 - Building and Scaling Midmarket Company in Small Metro

Interview with Aaron Houghton, Founder, iContact

Listen to Aaron Houghton, founder of iContact on how to scale a company while located in a smaller market.  Aaron and his co-founder brought in professionals who enabled them to scale the company and eventually sell it for $169million.  Also, listen to Aaron discuss his latest company that enables small and midsize companies to pool their customers and market a range of services to them – expand scale and scope to compete with the big companies. 

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Peter Hancock

National Head of Sales


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CEO.13 - Competing with Google on Local Search - How Yelp Does it

13. Peter Hancock, National Head of Sales, YELP - How Yelp Leverages Local Customer Content to Compete with Google

Listen to the national head of sales for Yelp on how they compete with giants Google, Bing and Yahoo using customer-generated local content; learn how they segment the market into small, medium and national companies and sell to each of them differently; and, how they use partner offerings to constantly enhance the value to their customers.  Can you too adapt your offerings to target and create sticky customers?  Yelp is a midmarket company – compared to Google and Bing – and sells to small and medium and large national companies.

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Julie Cole

Co-Founder of Mabel's Labels


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CEO.12 - Build Your Business Brand or be a No-name!?!?

A conversation with Julie Cole of Mabel's Labels

Every business has a brand, whether you explicitly acknowledge it or not.  Every brand appreciates (or depreciates) with with every action you take - positively or negatively.  Listen to this lively discussion with Julie Cole, co-founder of Mabel's Labels on how enhancing the company's brand helped the business and fetched them a higher sale price when they sold the business.  Strap on your seat belts and let's go for a chat across the northern border to Toronto with Canadian Supermom Julie Cole.

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