Midmarket Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the second largest segment within the midmarket in the United States.  It is generally the lifeblood of any economy.  Manufacturing has been in decline in much of the western world.  With manufacturing plants increasingly moving to China and other low cost countries, the challenges for manufacturing companies mount and many challenges stem from competing with low cost competitors with global supply chains.  

We have identified the most important, common and recurring challenges of manufacturing companies. And, we have organized all the sections of the websites around those challenges so that you can find help for your issue:

  • Knowledge Center Content: We have accumulated much information on expanding across the country. Our SOLUTION SEARCH will help you find what you need.
  • Resources: We have put together a section on resources available to you in all 50 states and 130 metros from across the country. Whether you are looking for local information, industry research or economic incentives, you will find help here.
  • Business Tools: We look for appropriate tools, templates, checklists, etc. that help a company prepare itself for all aspects of domestic expansion across America.
  • Midmarket WORLD: We have the largest group of vendors and advisors with products, services and solutions to help you as you set on this journey to expand your business across America.
  • Events: The Midmarket Institute provides a list of industry and Institute events focused on the needs of midmarket companies like yours. Check it out to see what fits your needs.

As always, if you know of some content or resource that would help others in the midmarket community - or would like to see something added to this site - please use the FEEDBACK button on the left to contact us.