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Becoming a member of The Midmarket Institute gives you access to the CHALLENGE FINDER and over 10,000 pieces of content to help you understand your needs and solve your business problems.  

We offer memberships to THREE types of users:

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"I am very impressed with what you have to offer to midmarket companies. Thank you for creating this great resource." - Rich Armstrong, CEO, 'Great Game of Business'


You are busy.  Your time is precious.  You want knowledge, networking, events, tools and marketplace solutions at your beck and call – 24 x 7 and accessible from anywhere -  tailored for your midmarket company.  Your get your own Mi Page - your personal Mi Page to track your key business challenges and every kind of help available – all on one page!  It is continuously updated for you.  Here’s what you will get:

Knowledge Center  We aggregate, sort and classify articles, videos, blogs and podcasts produced by The Midmarket Institute or culled from many sources and experts, that addresses specific midmarket business challenges and needs.  For every item included in the Knowledge Center, we explain its relevance to the midmarket and key it to the taxonomy of typical midmarket business challenges. This section is continually updated so that the most current information, trends, and business news are at your disposal.

We have Special Sections on Global Best Practices, Manufacturing, Expand Across America and more. On Exporting, for example, we offer a very comprehensive set of resources, including information on the economic, political and trade profiles of 200 countries, key business data on all 50 states and in major industry segments.

Business Tools We are aggregating the largest collection of business tools – stuff large companies and high priced consultants use – for the midmarket.  You get hundreds of business tools for free as a part of your membership.  Whether you are seeking to frame a particular business issue, assess your situation, benchmark your performance against your local or global peers, or find checklists and templates. We have a special section on business simulations – play computer games to hone your business skills.   And, you get a discount on any tools and business simulations that have a price. 

Events The Midmarket Institute organizes various events, particularly events for CEOs of midsize companies in conjunction with the BusinessThinking Club.   

Marketplace  We provide listings of books and premium business tools addressing challenges  and needs of the midmarket.