Celebrity Marketing - for Midsize Companies





Are you seeking to:

  1. Position your company as a BIG BRAND against bigger competitors?
  2. Increase company valuation quickly before a sale?
  3. Increase brand awareness (and therefore lead generation) quickly?
  4. Make your target market aware of your company and what your brand stands for quickly?
  5. Differentiate your brand in a crowded market with many similar competitors?
  6. Build relationships with customers, prospects, partners, vendors and employees?
  7. Draw consumers (traffic) to your business or establishment?

Through our partnerships, we can help you with a range of services:

  1. Consulting to assess your needs for Celebrities to meet your business objectives
  2. Consulting on strategic utilization of celebrities
  3. Celebrity matching to match your company and its objectives
  4. Negotiation of agreements with Celebrities
  5. Consulting on utilization of sponsorship assets (celebrities, images, social media, etc.)
  6. Management of all Celebrity utilization including scheduling, deliverables and payments
  7. Negotiation of sponsorship of local area professional teams – Knicks, Giants, Jets, Nets, Devils, 76ers, Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, etc.
  8. Development and execution of strategic events to leverage celebrities
  9. Development & management of celebrity-based social media campaigns

Utilizing celebrities to draw attention to your product or service is a strong and effective way to be seen and heard.   The primary goal of a celebrity endorsement is to draw on the well-publicized attributes of the celebrity to highlight similar attributes of your organization.  We can assist you to find the right celebrity - from the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, WNBA as well as numerous well-known entertainers and other celebrities as well as bloggers - and develop the best ways to leverage them to meet your company's objectives.


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