Build a Board of Advisors

The Midmarket Institute has spoken to over a hundred CEOs of midsize companies and found patterns among successful companies - better run companies and higher growth companies.

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Most privately owned midsize businesses lack deep pockets and specialized expertise.  When making BIG decisions or running big initiatives, they need short-term access to experts without having to hire full-time employees.   They need: 

  1. expertise 'on call' 
  2. an expanded network of contacts, whether for business development, talent or a entering a new geography.
  3. an outside – and objective – perspective from experts and experienced business leaders when making decisions. 
  4. seasoned experts to work with the CEO/business owner and the management team make better decisions
  5. guidance and support to promote the business.  
  6. an accountability system to ensure plans are being implemented as scheduled.

Contact us if you need help assessing your situation, putting together the requirements, finding experts for a board of advisors (if it makes sense) and leveraging the board to achieve better business results faster.