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There are four kinds of problems that permeate the business landscape - important issues for each business, challenges common among businesses, challenges recurring among businesses and unique problems of a business.  The important, common and recurring challenges account for 80% of the challenges of a business.  You can learn to overcome those challenges by learning from other businesses and looking across other businesses.  We've done just that and created a series of BUSINESS GUIDES that you can use to improve your business:

Growing Your Business in America - Here's How (click to download)                      Whether you are an American or an immigrant, with a blue chip education or not, you can become more successful by leveraging local experts and connected Americans to accelerate your success.  This guide will explore how leveraging experts and experienced business people can accelerate your success.

Is Your Business Well-Run?  Find out and Make it Better (click to download)

Many midsize companies are considered to be poorly run.  Whether you are considering the sale of your company or prevent business problems from keeping you awake, evaluating structural and business issues (and fixing them) will help.  This guide discusses the benefits and various aspects of conducting business assessments.
Being Exporting Most midsize companies do not export but the fast growing markets and the largest group of customers are outside the US.  How do you get started with exporting?  This guide is a good starting point to help you make the decision.
Expand Across USA For some companies, home is where they are best.  We already live in the world's largest economy that foreign companies are constantly entering.  Why don't you expand your company in America?  This guide discusses the reasons why it may make sense for your company.
Selling My Company $10 trillion of equity will change hands as 70% of the midsize companies will be owned by baby boomers - 55+.  How do you get your company ready for a sale, actually manage to sell it (there'll be a glut) and get a good price (most won't)?
Achieving Manufacturing Success Manufacturing is resurgent in America.  But, many countries around the world aspire to land these contracts and jobs.  What do you need to do to achieve manufacturing success?
Growing Revenues If you're not growing revenues, you're probably dying a slow death.  How do you grow revenues.  It's not simply a matter of selling more widgets to new customers.  Here's a guide to many ways of revenue growth.
Finding Capital You may be a seasoned capital raiser - or not.  Here's a basic guide to finding capital - the different types and where to get find them.


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