FAQs About Membership

Frequently asked questions about membership in The Midmarket Institute

I'm considering joining The Midmarket Institute and I'm wondering…

Q. Who can be a member of The Midmarket Institute?

A. Membership in The Midmarket Institute is open to employees of midsize companies, suppliers, advisors, consultants and influencers of the midmarket or individuals with an interest in the midmarket. Influencers could include government employees and non-governmental organizations, employees of academic institutions, members of the media, employees of associations, union officials. You can find more information about the various types of membership in the MEMBERSHIP section of the website.

Q. What is your definition of the midmarket?  How can I decide if this site is right for me?

A. If your company is too big to be small and too small to be big, you are a midmarket company.  There are several definitions - by revenues ($10 million-$1 billion) or by employees (50-5,000).  However, if you find that your company neither fits in the small or large category, you belong here.  For many small companies, the issues they face are similar to those faced by midsized companies.  If you believe you have challenges and needs of a midsize company, you are in the midmarket!

Q. Does my organization join The Midmarket Institute, or do I join as an individual?

A. Membership is individual. Even if your organization pays for your membership, you hold the membership. If you decide to leave the organization, the membership stays with you as an individual. 

Q. Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my join date, or is the membership term based on the calendar year? Do I pay the full amount of dues for the first year, or a prorated amount?

A. Your membership term is for one year beginning on the day you join the Institute. Individual members have individual renewal dates. Therefore, the amount for your first year of membership is the full dues amount.

Q. Do you offer a special membership rate if several staff want to join?

A. If there are several fellow employees that are interested in membership in The Midmarket Institute, please reach out to us at +1 (609)275-6300 and we can tell you about a corporate membership which is suitable when you plan to have 8 or more members from the same company.

Q. If several of my co-workers are members, can we be billed at one time for all of our memberships?

A. Yes, simply contact us at +1 (609)275-6300 and a representative will work with you to streamline the renewal notices for your organization.


I'm a member of The Midmarket Institute and would like to know…

Q. I've left my current position and will begin work at another company. Can I keep my membership?

A. Yes, your membership follows you as an individual. Please update your profile, particularly your email address. You will be categorized as a particular type of user depending on the kind of company you work for – midsize company, supplier, advisor/consultant, influencer, or in your individual capacity. 

You cannot become a midsize company-type user even if you last worked for a midsize company until you start working for a midsize company.

Q. I am a member and am currently in between jobs. I am currently looking for another job in the midmarket. Do you offer assistance for members in this situation? 

A. We do not currently have any job assistance programs.