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The US economy is, by far, the largest economy in the world.  But, 95% of the world lives outside the US and the FASTEST GROWING markets are outside the US.  Midmarket companies have been regionally or nationally focused but there are huge opportunities in exporting.  Made in the USA still has worldwide cache.  With slow growth in the US, the best path to revenue growth for many midmarket companies may be in exporting. 

If you are new to this, exporting seems complicated and risky and you are wondering how to get started.   Or, you may already be exporting and want to expand and do it better.  Where do you find help for help?

We understand that the prospect of delving into the international arena may appear daunting, so we have devised several support categories to help with the global process.  Whether you are a veteran of international trade or exploring the possibilities of entering it for the first time, we present these areas of support to help you in this endeavor:


Knowledge Center Content:  We have accumulated much information on exporting from understanding how the US government supports this effort - to figuring out the logistics - to detailed data on each country.  Our ADVANCED SEARCH will help you find what you need.

Resources: The Midmarket Institute has put together a section showcasing 201 countries, 50 states and 20 industries.  The material in this sector reports in detail on these subjects and gives trade information on all of them.

Global Best Practices:  The Institute finds wonderful ideas from midmarket companies from all over the world.   In this section, you will find a compilation of those - you can pick by country or use the ADVANCED SEARCH to get more specific content. You can learn the best or the nuances of exporting from successful American companies or those from around the world.

Ask the Experts:  There are many people who have 'been there, done that' when it comes to exporting or being successful in managing global operations.  We have assembled a group of them that want to help.  Reach out and find help, find a consultant or an employee. 

Business Toolkits:  We look for appropriate tools, templates, checklists, etc. that help a company prepare itself for all aspects of exporting.

Midmarket World:  Our midmarket-focused website has vendors and advisors with products, services and solutions to help you. 

Events:  The Midmarket Institute provides a calendar of trade missions and conferences that directly relate to exporting.  You can view this section to see what fits your needs.


We have assembled resources, communities, events and a marketplace of providers JUST for MIDMARKET companies like yours. You can find the resources at home or abroad. So come on in and join us – you can register and browse around or become a member and start engaging with the broad community and resources of the Midmarket Institute.


We are building the largest ecosystem for the midmarket. Whether you are looking to learn, buy, partner or sell, here you will find relevant information, tools, events, community groups and a marketplace, all tailored your special needs.  Join us, and together, we will build a vibrant and sustainable community.