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The Midmarket Institute provides members the means to publish their own blogs.  We want our members to share their wealth of knowledge and experience to the entire community.   You are free to comment on anything that relates to the midsize sector. We encourage all members to participate often and to offer your commentary on current blogs. 

- By Ron Leeman

Over the last 25 years or so, I have developed and implemented many bespoke Business Change and Transformation Approaches and Strategies for organizations to enable them to drive through change initiatives/programs and achieve considerable ROI and business benefit.

If networking is more like farming, how do I effectively manage my crops?

By Cynthia Greenawalt

Seeking & Using Input from your Board of Advisors

One of the reasons you established your advisory board was to help you make the best decisions on the difficult and complex issues you face.  These are the decisions where each alternative has some good points and also some not so good parts.  Neither option is clearly better than the other and each is far from perfect.

They say you can pick your employees but you cannot pick your family. I run a successful business but it is the family issues that give me the most grief. But over time I have had a small bit of success in solving some of these problems. I will talk about this from time-to-time and also welcome anyone's ideas and experience.

As the CEO of a midsize company in NJ, I have become increasingly concerned in keeping up with the management of my company. I have a small executive staff and we are wearing more hats than we can manage. It is a full time job just keeping up with all of the regulations and tax laws. I am not going to take a side here on the upcoming election but I think it is high time our state and government officials get down to making some decisions.

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