Challenge Finder

The Midmarket Institute is all about helping midsize companies overcome the business challenges they face. The entire Institute is organized around these unique challenges.  We built the Challenge Finder tool to identify the most common and recurring challenges for your type of company.   Once you identify your challenge/s, you can find content, events, communities and resources - that are tagged to each specific challenge - that will help you overcome them. We continue to conduct research into common and recurring challenges of midmarket businesses in various categories.

Our 3-way Search:

Challenges can be found with our “three ways to search” box. You can search your way:

  1. Keyword Search – just like Google search, Yahoo search or Bing search - simply type in a word or phrase of any topic you are interested in. This can be anything from a business function in your company to common business terms.
  2. Category Search – just like you would use the Yellow Pages – browse through the categories and click on the one that is most relevant.
  3. Advanced Search – gives you a lot of filters to get precise results – the more filters you use, the fewer and more precise your results. If you find no results or few results, remove some filters.  

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Just like Google search, Yahoo search or Bing search...
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Just like you would use the Yellow Pages
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