Increase Revenues with Better Messaging - Differentiate or Diminish


How well do you really stand out from your competitors?


Do your customers know how or why you are special?


 Uncover your unique story and promote it with bravado!


In order to close more sales opportunities  and/or upsell or cross-sell your existing client base, here is what you need to do (and we have experts to help you):

  1. Run an extensive competitive messaging analysis
  2. Clearly define your areas of uniqueness
  3. Develop a series of powerful key messages to communicate your story and brand value
  4. Insert your key messages into your sales/marketing vehicles and programs

We have partnered with a world-class branding and messaging firm to help you do all of this. They've already helped 70+ midmarket companies spanning almost every industry.



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Book: Differentiate or Diminish


Consultation: 30 minutes



Service Offerings:

Phase 1: Differentiation Analysis and Discovery ($10,000 investment)

A. Up to three 90-minute interviews with your key staff to benchmark your current key messages and brand story

B. Competitive analysis of your top 3 competitors to uncover those aspects that make you stand out

C. Differentiation discovery - distilling your top 10 areas of competitive differentiation and value in the market(s) you serve 

Phase 2: Differentiating Key Messages ($25,000 investment)

A. New elevator pitch/positioning statement

B. 15-20 new key messages with supporting proof points to back up your claims

C. Over 40 recommendations for using your new messaging to increase sales