Business Solutions

Businesses have needs and needs; and, businesses need solutions for those problems.  We continuously scour our network - both online and off - to find business solutions.  They are in tabs under the main menu item - Business Solutions.  Also, below are several business tools that you might find useful.


Business Tools


Every profession utilizes specialized tools and techniques to ply their trade.  Businesses are no different. Tools can provide a process (documented experience of somebody who has 'been there, done that'), facilitate framing a problem or finding the answer.  It simply helps businesses make better business decisions.  We want midsize businesses and SMBs to have access to many of the same tools that BIG companies do or consultants bring.

We gather tools to help midmarket businesses, tools that have been proven to help in running and growing businesses.  Whether you are looking for tools to guide strategic planning, improve your marketing department or developing your 'blue ocean strategy' we have tools to guide you. Business Tools can be found using our “three ways to search” box.  

Business Solutions

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There  tools come in an assortment to help meet your needs. Some are free while others can be purchased.  These include: 


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We continually update, add and delete tools, so check back often.  If you know of other tools (including your own) that will help midmarket companies, please drop us a note using the FEEDBACK BUTTON (on the left of the screen).