Business Simulations

Business simulations are computer-based games based on  business scenarios.  We played games when we were young - mimicking action heroes or 'playing house'  or 'Monopoly' - and went on to case studies in business school and numerous 'what if' spreadsheet models and scenario planning. 


  • A busy executive seeking to keep your business skills 'sharp' through practice - at a place and time of your choosing
  • A business professional seeking to expand your business skills into other business functions or simply sharpening your business acumen
  • An entrepreneur who is good at one or two things but needs to learn how businesses work - in one function or across many functions
  • A business student seeking to learn about business


The Business Game is an exciting and engaging business simulation and role-playing game which has been designed to provide employees an overview of business – beyond the functional role they play or the job title they have. Through this simulation, individuals will learn to apply knowledge and skills they know about business – and get better each time they play the game. The game focuses on skills associated with marketing, sales, production, competition and finance.  THE MORE YOUR EMPLOYEES LEARN ABOUT HOW BUSINESS WORKS, THE GREATER AN ASSET THEY BECOME TO YOUR BUSINESS!

Click on the 'Business Learning by Doing - Without Paying a Penalty' to read the 4 page article on business simulations.  You can also read a description of 'The Business Game' (click here) in this presentation.

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Business games or Business Simulations simulate an industry, company, organization, consultancy, function or a process within a company.  They mimic the rules, procedures, relationships and plans as a system.  You will be provided the context and the kind of information that would be available in a business setting. You then get to ‘play your part’ and the system reacts.  You then need to make decisions based on the current situation.  It is like an airplane simulator which a pilot uses to hone his aircraft piloting skills – you will hone your business skills with these business simulations.

You can play these simulations as an individual - with tools or against the computer - or as one in multiplayer simulations (where one player's actions affect the other players).  You can participate in simulations for specific outcomes, learn about industries or functions or the interplay between them.  

We will bring a variety of business simulations to you – ones that:

  • Improve your business acumen in a risk-free setting
  • Demonstrate key business concepts and processes
  • Help you develop leadership skills
  • Help you develop decision-making skills
  • Help you solve complex problems with unknowns

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CLICK HERE FOR INFOGRAPHIC: TOP 10 Reasons To Use Business Simulations

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