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Our Approach


The most frequent question we get asked is "What is YOUR definition of the midmarket?".  Many people think it is a monolithic segment that can be nicely 'boxed' and is well understood.  The simple truth is that there are MANY MIDMARKETS.  We will help you define 'your midmarket' company.  If you want to learn more about the midmarket, please watch this video or this presentation.


Secondly, every company has business challenges.  Each of us thinks that our problems are unique and many of us don't know others facing the same problem  - we carry a 'heavy burden'.  We will help you to identify the challenges that are prevalent amongst companies with your company's profile - using the CHALLENGE FINDER tool.  You can choose the ones that resonate or ignore the ones that don't (please send us an email and let us know).


Once you've identified the challenges you want to tackle, we will help you to get informed and overcome them.  We provide

  1. CONTENT in the Knowledge Center section
  2. TOOLS in the Business Tools section
  3. EVENTS in the Events section
  4. SIGs, a midmarket blog and member blogs
  5. PRODUCTS, SERVICES or SOLUTIONS for those challenges in the Marketplace section

We figure that if we can help you with your most important, common and recurring challenges, you can always find help for your your other challenges through your own network, in the Midmarket community or with vendors and advisors at MidmarketWorld.