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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to enable and foster vibrant midmarket communities that will:

  • enable more midsize companies to succeed with help for their unique needs;

  • enable the midmarket ecosystem of supliers, advisors, capital providers, influencers and job seekers to more easily serve, partner and transact business with the midmarket; and to
  • enable creation of millions of 'sustainable jobs' that will create dynamic local economies across the world


Our Mission is:



to promote the success and vitality of midsize companies and those that support them - suppliers, advisors, consultants, capital providers, academics, citizens, government and media - by building a community, sharing tools and knowledge, fostering collaboration and providing a marketplace for business transactions.


to help more midsize succeed by providing them many of the same resources that BIG companies have.

3 to be the most ardent and effective advocate, voice and authoritative source on the midmarket in the world.