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About Us

We are a group of people who recognized the importance of the midmarket - in any economy - before it became fashionable, and seek to help more midmarket companies succeed. As a group, we have worked in small, medium and large companies in various operational roles. Our advisors who have guided our thinking and the development of this website have been steeped in the midmarket for decades.

Our website, events and approach are based on some simple things we do and some rules we follow:

1) Business people work to overcome business challenges, whether it is overcoming problems or achieving outcomes. Businesses spend money on technology, services, equipment or people to achieve business goals or overcome business challenges. We focus on helping them overcome those business challenges and achieve their outcomes.

2) Every person and company has a unique set of business challenges and objectives. We will try to address the unique needs of each company and individual.

3) For specialized issues that are not common or recurring amongst the midmarket, we will guide you to experts and vendors who can help.

4) Our team is comprised of intelligent people who are passionate about what they do, whether it is industry analysis or technology implementation or graphics work or videography. We ‘duke it out’ among ourselves and do what is logical – and therefore, will likely hold up in the long run – rather than what is popular or expedient.

5) We constantly strive for excellence but also constantly ‘connect dots’ to come up with interesting angles or approaches.

6) We constantly strive for excellence. In order to be excellent we need to know what’s real and true (particularly things that we would rather not be true), so that we can decide how best to deal with them. We want logic and reason to be the basis for making decisions.

7) We are respectful of people and build long-term relationships – just like the folks in the midmarket. We want our work to be around for a long time – long after we are gone.8) You can learn more about our vision for this Institute, its mission, leadership and some of the things we have been doing by exploring this About Us section.